Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hi and welcome to the daily surf report with NSR.  The waves were still pretty small but there were something to ride on the big pangas.  It was about knee to waist high on sets with nice offshore winds and the water was clear.  Check it out!!!

There were not many surfers out because we did not have many waves to be taken.  Here we have this unknown rider trying to do a floater on this little nugget.

A few people decided to chill out on the beach with some of their friends.  Check out these guys enjoying the beautiful day we had.

Some other people spent their time cleaning the beach up.  This is one of the locals doing a really good job all by himself!!!

We didn’t have many waves today but there is always something to ride on a big board.  Here is a shot of one of the longboarders we had out there in the lineup.

It’s always a good idea to paddle out with your girlfriend when the waves are small.  You guys look so sweet together!

Corage was taking advantage of every single wave that came in.  Here he is with the best shot of the day.  Nice one dude!!!

The waves are supposed to be small for the next few days but it looks like we are going to have a push in the swell this weekend.  You gotta be ready to paddle out and catch some fun ones.

Well, when the waves get small, the best thing to do is go fishing...and that's just what the Surfari crew did.  I tell you they must have some kind of pargo hole up there because these guys are pulling out some MONSTER sized fish lately.  This is Capt. Lance Moss, showing he's equally skilled with the speargun.

This is Gorgeous George, looking good for the underwater shot.

Chef Jeff jumped in on the action this trip and was rewarded with a Monster Pargo of his own.  Look at the eye on that thing!

Looks like Jimbo Taylor got himself one too!

Here is the Surfari crew displaying the spoils after a solid day of spearfishing!  Nice work guys.

...and if you are looking to get in on the action yourself, remember that Surfari is running a killer special for their all inclusive surfing and fishing trips this month - 25% off!  Come on down and GET SOME!