Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, September 01, 2016

Hey everybody!! Welcome to the Thursday NSR report. This is Parker checking in to upload today's shots. Check them out!

Conditions are pretty similiar and will be similiar for a couple more days. A huge storm dumped a ton of rain last night so the texture still isn't perfect.

Because the roads are muddy and washed out, this surfer took the high road. While it isn't hard offshore, practice your airs!!

Adriano was out for the early morning session. Dawn patrol is the best time because there is zero wind. And who doesn't like waking up to beautiful blue water?

The crowd is right too. Three waves came through with only one taker...

Or how about this one for the goofy footers? With four people surfing the entire beach, a ton of waves were untouched!

I surfed at sunrise while the texture was slightly bumpy. Then an hour long window of offshore breeze cleaned up the faces. By the end of two surf sessions and documenting the moring, the onshore breeze arrived. Keep an eye on it- there are plenty of windows to slip out while it's smooth and empty!

Remember, there is always a corner beckoning your name!! Despite not having A+ conditions, Adriano's crew is still stoked to surf good waves.

Ok chicos and chicas, thanks for bearing through the variable conditions. A swell is on the horizon and coming soon so stay tuned!! Have a good upcoming weekend everybody and Hotstick Hannahs is out.