Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, August 31, 2015

Hello primos. The swell is losing energy so the waves are rolling slowly, perfect and super friendly. The offshore wind is soft and check it out the color of the ocean in the last day of August.

The strongest peak in this beach break is breaking soft. Check the corner in this left.

The are visitors ripping in the lineup this week. Check this surfer here smashing the lip.

The biggest set bring some barrels. Just Lester have one today.

The last three days we have long lines rolling right. Is good to see a lot of right in one country of lefts.

Some left come occasionally. The surfers in the lineup were surprised to of to see one wave like that coming with this shape.

This section in the end of the beach is good for air. Lester learn to made air in this beach in this kind of wave.

My good friend Colin Eberly come to prove the new surfboard of Tom Eberly shaper. I am part of his team rider. I use more than three hundred different surfboard in my life and this surfboard are the best. The glassing is of KEAHANA.

He and Oliver Solis, Gerardo Miranda and I. We are part of the first surf generation in this country and we are glad to be surfing together for this brand.

Coling and me, we surfing without leash. Is so fun when the waves are perfect like this pretty left.

Here is Colin going vertical. He is showing the Eberly brand in the surfboard. There are some days in the year when this violent beach break have a beautiful face.

Oviuslly he don't surf better than me, but is fain. Keep practising bro!!!!!.

The fun board are the call today. We have a good selections of surfboard in the surf shop. We have some Hypto Krypto brand and S7 for this days.

Ok. Amigos. the swell keep friendly for the next days, so paddle out and enjoy the waves. Armando lopez is out.