Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Before we get into today's surf report, I had to throw up a photo from the "Mustache Contest" held this past Sunday Night at Pau Hana Restaurant in SJDS.  They had all kinds of different categories including "biggest mustache", "best 70's mustache", "best female mustache" etc.  Pancho and his daughter decided to enter for the "best father/daughter matching mustaches" category.  Needless to say, they were a huge hit and easily won the category.  This photo is just hilarious.

Surf is good today so check back later for the full report!

Hey folks, Lucha Libre here throwing a couple photos in for today's report.  The surf was super fun in the morning and the winds were cooperating too.  It was overhead on sets with nice offshore winds, but later on the wind changed to onshore.  We are not complaining because we scored many fun ones.

I going to spend a couple days with my new friend Miles at his Place "Ventana a las Olas" and a couple guys from the states during this week.  Here we have Ken taking a sweet right all the way in to the beach.

This is Mike about to attack this left hander.  He got to score many sick waves today, he was very happy!

There were some sweet lefts barreling down the beach every once in a while.  Here is a shot of one of them!

The rights were going off this morning.  Check out Jhon racing down the line on this one.  These guys killed it today!

These guys got some serious style.  Hoping to get a little shade, like he used to do it at Pipeline before!

Miles was doing his thing as well, on his 5'11 jellow fish.  Here is your hill shot buddy, nice angle uh!

Most of the time I do a group shot for all the groups that hired me.  This time I did not have to do it because they made it easy to me.  The craziest group photo ever!  You can do that, if you are all friends!

Alright boys, I'll be back tomorrow.  Hopefully we'll catch some fun ones so stay tuned with us!  Money shot of the day.  I am guessing Taco will be posting some shots later so keep looking for them!

What's up my people, this is Carlos Montoya comin' at ya on the last day of August. First I want to give a big desert hippie shoutout to all my Black Rock city bredren, decompress, decompress, decompress. Now down to biz Taco and I shot from that most well known but unmentionable of buttery beachbreaks. Waves were pretty fun, pushin the head high range and clean all morning long. Imagine walking up to the beach to see this.....

....or this. Only a few guys were on it today, I guess school and work are taking priority.

And yet another unridden gem. I guess there were so many of these going through today that this guy paddling over the shoulder didn't even feel the need to take a look.

The few guys out were snagging some sickies as well. Check the lip on this one.

And how about a deadly highline lip attack from this guy. This shot is a keeper.

My man, Seth finally shook the hangover from yesterday and made it out. Here he is looking to get by this section and show us a snowboard inspired off the top on the next one.

Brock-o-Taco was an animal today, surfing for a total of fifteen minutes and snagging three right hand barrels just like this one.

The winds and waves have been doing their thing lately. Though they haven't been rocking their usual 24/day specialness the windows have been widening. That is it for today's report. We'll see you down the road in September.