Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, August 30, 2010

Yo soy Taco with the mid-morning surf report. Its was looking super fun, head high to a foot over head on the sets with light offshore winds. On this wave we have our buddy Josco, he's rocking' the fish charters and will get you on the Wahoo when they're running. Here he goes, racing from up the peak lining up to get an insane bowl.

I looked down the beach and saw this guy cranking a mean bottom turn. So i quickly moved my lens to capture him snapping one off the lip. It was hard to get the right photo today because there were so many fun peaks up and down the whole beach.

It seemed that the smaller in-between the set waves were the best today. While everyone was sitting out the back waiting for bombs these little gems were swooping by unridden.

This guy dropped right in the perfect spot and drew out this bottom turn for 2 and half blocks, right before he set up for perfectly lit tube.

Right in front of my spot Fab from Sao Paolo was shredding. He wound up off the bottom and released some aggression on this backside snap, which turned out to be a pretty nice shot. Nice job buddy.

Here we have Lester.  He lives on the other side of the river and is one of few local kids at this break. He progresses everyday. Judging by this photo, he's winding up to bust out all three fins on his new 5'9 Goodrum board courtesy of yours truly Brocko-Taco.

I saw this guy get three sick barrels when i was setting up my equipment. Sorry that i missed those barrel photos, so i had to throw this shot up of you busting lips.

We had to post a couple shots sent in by our very own friend Mike from NICAWAVES.  They were up north scoring plenty of good and fun waves all morning long.

This is Nicolas digging a deep bottom turn on this one.  Just relaxing and having a good time, this is Nicaragua!

A few rights rolled in but nobody was there in the right spot to catch them.  What a shame!!!

One last shot sent by Mike, cool snap uh.  Thanks for the great shots Mike, keep up the good work!!!