Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hi and welcome to the Sunday surf report.  This is Miguel bringing you all the action from out here at one of the most popular beaches down south of Nicaragua.  It’s the weekend, so there were lots of people in the water.   The waves were small today, running about knee to waist high on sets with nice offshore winds.  The water was crystal clear, making it perfect for diving.  Check out the lineup!!!

Here we have a girl enjoying a nice set wave.  This was one of the biggest waves of the day.

This is Tuzo rescuing this longboard from the rocks.  We recommend that Corage use a leash next time.

Days like today are great for learning.  This guy was enjoying himself. 

This guy took advantage the clear water and caught some dinner.  It looks like he’s got a couple of nice Red Snapper and some parrot fish.

Here we have a Rex taking a small right.  He was enjoying these small waves just like the rest of the people.

Good-bye from lake pacific, this is Miguel signing off for today.  We’ve got small waves in the forecast for the next week or so.  Maybe we’ll go fishing!