Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, August 30, 2005

We've got some good swell in the water today. Overhead sets and offshore winds all day long. We took the boat out - which makes it hard to take pictures, but Roberto is figuring it out.

Here is a shot of Yanqui from the water. The wave wasn't working - it's pretty fickle, but this is an interesting view. Take a good look now because there are going to be lots of houses here one day...

So after checking a few spots, we ended up at Maderas where Roberto swam in the camera and took a few shots. Just so you know the trouble we go through to get good pictures...Here's a nice shot of somebody with the Dirty Sanchez in the background.

There were only about 3 or 4 guys out, including us. Usually Maderas doesn't work well at low tide, but it was working today.

And Roberto even managed to find the one girl on the beach. I'm naming this picture "Workin' It".

Last shot...we've got a fading swell for the next two days and then a new one is supposed to fill for the weekend. Stay tuned.