Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hello everybody. The second surf contest of the National circuit i going on in Maderas beach and the swell give tu us some of the best right I say in this beach. Check it out.

The Chele Jackson open the score with good ejecutions in his heat. Check it out.

Three cuts in the first wave. In the critical part of the wave.

Jackson always push the other surfer to go for all or nothing.

Kevin cortes is one of the best contenter. He is one of the favorite to win this contest.

He is made the first air during the morning heats. Check the ejecution of this trick.

The last month he was practice the airs. Today he use all he learn to made sure pass all his heat.

Yeahhhhh buddy!!!! keep like this.

Some barrels in the horizone. Here is Capuyo ( Joel Chavez ) .

The rights were rolling all day long. Check the high tide with long lines.

The swell direction is 230*. This right have barrels. This surf contest is one of the best with good waves.

Airs, cut, hit the lip of the wave. All the tricks are posible to made in this tipe of wave.

Some left came ocasionally. Check how diferent is the size of the left comparet with the big right.

This beach is famous for have wave almost every day in the year and for all my life I was fun riding this wave.

The waves were working costantly all day. The surfer in the line up were so bussy taking waves.

Check the nice line with a perfect offshore all day. This is one of the few waves protected for the wind when is strong offshore.

He go big in every trick ejecution. He partisipate in almost every surf contest of the National Circuit about ten years ago when the first surf contest start in Nicaragua.

Cesar Amador from Popoyo beach put high his team with his partisipation. Go to the next heat bro!!!!.

Cesar Amador is one of the best surfer of this country. he is part of the first generation in his surf spot. (Popoyo).

All the participants are good. The surf level in Nicaragua is good, this surfer give a good show of tricks if you are here watching to surf.

How many good waves you see in the report? We were watching good waves all day.

Some of the powerfull cuts of the day. Tomorrow the swell keep the same size, so check the second day of the contest.

Here is Jackson. he is Sponsore for Da Kine, R V C A and Future fins. For a reasson, he is one of the best surfer in NICA.

Here is the bigger air in all the contest. Is Rex Calderon looking for another Title.

Ok. Amigos. All the NSR team is goin tomorrow for the finals. Check the surf report to see the best surfer of our country challenge for the title. Armando Lopez is out.