Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, August 29, 2006

OK, back to work on this Monday (yeah right!) - I mean Roberto is back to work with the new crew of guys at the NSR Beach House. We've got Hurricane Ernesto messing around with our winds a little bit today, but overall it was offshore and about head high or so on sets. Welcome to Nicaragua guys!

First up we've got Brian, picking off one of the larger waves of today and heading right.

Next up, we've got Jeremy - surfing in the crystal clear, warm pacific waters of Nicaragua. Jeremy learned that you have to take a couple of extra paddles when the offshores are blowing.

Next up we've got - wait a second - she's not in the house! Damn. Nice shot Roberto.

Here's Scott, dropping in on a fun one. As you can see in the background, there were a couple of boats out today, but overall it wasn't too crowded and everybody shared waves.

This is Chris, working on his frontside floater. It's a must have move in your repertoire and everybody should be practicing. Nice work Chris!

We don't necessarily remember a "Tiddens" in the group, but Roberto swears this is your name. Hopefully, he's right. If not, "Tiddens" is a pretty cool nickname. Go Tiddens!

This is pro-skateboarder-super-grom, Stephen Ilk from SoCal. He wasn't in the NSR House, but he was popping olli's, fakey's, tailsliders and railgrinders all day long. This one made a nice pic so we put it up. OK, were out for today, check back with us tomorrow!

Hi, this is Roberto with the surf report for today. It's head high to overhead on sets and the wind is offshore. We've got a bunch of people out there at Maderas but everybody was having a good time. Believe when I say a bunch of people, check it out.

This is Stacy, she is from Virgin Island and she was charging on the set waves.

Coki going left and getting ready to get a shot for NSR.

Luis was going big today. Here is a cool shot of him.

Luis and Coki were sharing this wave, everything was going good until Luis try to make a cutback and Coki hit his surfboard.

I also was able to get this shot. Nice one, check out her chest.

Yeahh... Mope, probably I can give you this shot and you can blow it up on your wall.

Check out Kervin THE GROUPER with a nice shot.

EL ABUELO with the wipe out of the day.

Check back tomorrow.