Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hello everybody and welcome to the Sunday Funday report with NSR! This is Parker showing you today's early morning shots. Check them out!!

A minor swell sent a fresh pulse. Most waves were in the shoulder high range but sets clocked in at head high.

Meet Kyle from New Symrna Beach, Florida. Him, his buddies, and their girlfriends are spending a week here to enjoy our waves and sunshine.

His crew was on it early. The texture was buttery smooth until about 10am when the winds kicked in. Make sure you get your surfing in early before the onshores come!

Check out that gorgeous water color!! Despite negatively affecting the surf, the onshore winds bring rain and blue water. If you're in the area for the next couple of days, go catch some fresh fish tacos!

Yeah bro!! Sick tube!!

During the lower tide, the waves were cranking and reeling down the line. Not all the waves opened up but there were a few nuggets mixed in.

An unknown surfer found an open wave and committed!!! We can survive a couple more days of variable winds before the barrels return.

Gary Strahle was surfing at the crack of dawn and cleaning up the insiders. Check out his wave.

It's a known fact that surfing his Fresh Pineapple boards will increase your hangtime by 56.7242% compared to other leading brands.

Yeah Gary!! Him and Yamalie recently had another baby so congrats to you guys and catch a few waves in between dad duties!!

Some convincing sets rolled through towards the mid tide. What do you call that wave? Head high? A touch over? Or, really fun and you need to get one for yourself???

In between, surfers were finding rippable faces to practice their turns. Check out the result of this surfer's power.

Bam!! Which is a better feeling? Sliding your fins out and recovering or pulling out of the barrel?

Think about it and let me know en la manana primos! I hope you guys had a good weekend and thank you for checking out today's shots. Stay tuned and nos vemos!!