Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hey everyone, "Sergeant" here bringing ya the report for Tuesday here in beautiful Nicaragua again. Today was one of those days that just keeps the stoke going for everyone.  The waves were super fun with guys getting barreled left and right. The winds and the crowd were nice and light this morning and the waves just got better and better. Check it out!

There were so many guys catching good waves this morning, the conditions were perfect. Take a look at this left, getting so hollow on this guy. I was about to drop the camera and grab my board!

Duty calls first here, if I left to go surfing and missed this shot of "Jefe", he might not have been too happy. Good thing there's always another day when you live here ; )

The girls made it out again today, starting to see more and more girls charging the hollow waves here in Nicaragua every year. Get some ladies!

The Jefe, again! Working on his backside surfing sliding into a sweet nugget! After surfing this wave for many years, you end up surfing your backside better than your frontside.

Right or Left ?

Donnell from Miami, getting shacked on a sick left!  I guess he decided getting shacked here in Nica was better than taking his flight back to Miami and sitting through a hurricane. Yeah boy! Get it!

A few bombs came in this morning that caught everyone off guard. Solid size and still holding shape, what more could you ask for ?

The right down the beach was working good this morning too, check out this guy getting a frothy one!

Yep, that's a girl! Charging on a bomb with a big drop!

Another chica with a nice snap almost going vertical. Surfing so good she was turning heads!

There was a wave for everyone out here today. Kelley, passing on the tradition to his son. "Yeah Grommie, I bet he's super stoked!" Can't wait to get my boy out there!

Alright, lets play "where's Waldo" in this photo. Somebody is getting shacked, if you look close enough, he's just about to bust out.

Unknown surfer on another sick left from this mornings session! Are you drooling yet? I want to be on that wave!

One of our locals doing his thing. Lester finding some shade the best way there is here Nica.

Mark, from California, is super stoked he hooked up a place to stay through NSR. Who else put's you in the spot with waves like this?

The "right", it's like a machine, just get in the spot and you're slotted!

Did I say machine? Crankin' em out!

.......enough said.     

Woops...and then ouch!

Sometimes just hanging back and watching someone get the ride of their life is just as exciting and riding that wave.

Alright everyone, that's it for today. Last shot for today, a little something to mindsurf. Keep an eye on the forecast and be ready to book your trip because it's gonna get big! And remember if you were out in the water then chances are we got a shot of you. Hit us up and let us know. Hasta manana amigos!