Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hi everybody, this is Roberto “Lucha Libre” Garcia with the Wednesday surf report from somewhere down south.  The waves were fun, running about chest to head high on sets with nice offshore winds.  When we first got to the beach, there was nobody out just a few guys enjoying the whole beach by themselves.  Check it out!!!

The guys from Orlando decided to drive around today and I found them at this spot.  This is Larry working on his backside style in this left hander.

There were a few guys out killing on the bodyboards.  Here we have one of them picking up a nice looking right all the way in to the beach.

Randy “El Bambino” Was able to paddle out and score some fun ones.  Check him out with a cool frontside turn on this wave.

Nothing better than a yoga session right before you paddle out.  Stretch out your muscles!!!

This guy was killing it on the bodyboard.  He picked up some really good waves.  Here he is getting into a nice barrel.

This is Mike showing us a little bit of his super DUCKY style.  That was a good move dude!!!

There were a few beginners in the lineup today, doing the best to catch some waves.  Check out this guy riding a nice little nugget.

Alright folks, the waves should be pretty fun tomorrow as well so be sure to check back with us.