Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, August 25, 2014

Hola amigos, Lucha Libre Garcia here with a quick update for your Monday surf report.  The waves were fun this morning, glassy conditions on the surface and the water was amazing.  Check it out!!!

The rights were definitely dominating the lineup.  It was so nice to get some on your backside ride out there.

Sick little lefts were rolling in as well. Getting into a nice little shack!

A few chicks made it out and they were charging.  Wakatacaaaa!!!

The locals were on it as well.  Young Papi busting a cool frontside air.

Sarah paddled out and she got some nice rides too.  Check you out Sarah, you finally made the cut.

Sick little bowls to be taken for sure.  Would you like to have some of this?

Sick peaks to share but a few guys bailed.  Waoooo,,, how can you bailed on that right?

Everyone out there was having a great time.  And also on the beach.  Big smiles!!!

Mr Guapo showed up to the beach and all the chicas start going crazy.  They all wanted to see El guapo man real close.  I am just kidding amigos,,,, hahahah!!!

Quite a few boys were shredding up out there.  Top turn on the backside!!!

Trino loco showed up and he blow it up.  Check out this little sequence.  Shot 1, ready to attack!

Shot 2, fins free!!!

And getting some water off the section.

And landing it.  Nice little turn buddy!

That's all for today amigos.  Please check back tomorrow!