Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's up foks?  Lucha is back in town and ready to snap some killer shots of the Latin Pro at Playa Maderas.  Some of the competitors showed up this morning to check out the place.  Unfortunately the conditions were not the best ones but for all these guys was like another day in the office.  Check out the lineup!!!

This is Ivy with a quick warm up before she paddled out.  Welcome down folks.  I guess we are going to see a lot of this during this weekend so keep looking forward.

The ladies got the lineup hot this morning.  This is Daniela with a cool snap on this little section.

The boys were doing their thing as well but the girls were definitely commanding the lineup.  This is Martin Passeri from Argentina squizzing this little left with so much power.

La Baloy Chamorro took a ride with us and he was also shredding all over.  Check him out attacking the lip of this wave.

The Guatemala Team brought down some nice weapons, to try to win this surfing war.  Hola Musasas!!!

A few guys from Venezuela were able to go out and ripped some sections.  This is Omar Perasa, a 22 year old kid that shred like a big experienced surfer.

I got a little arty on the last shot of the day.  The contest will be on tomorrow, starting at 7:00 am, so make sure to check us back out and see what happen.

This just in, by the end of the day we had an opening ceremony in front of the day in San Juan del Sur.  Peace and love!!!