Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, August 24, 2008

What’s up guys, we checked out Maderas today for the Sunday surf report with Come Pan and D-lite.  We were gladly surprised to see it was not too crowded, the water clarity was incredible and the waves were waist to chest high on sets, with offshore winds!!!  Check out the shots for today.

Here is a great shot from Come Pan, the waves were not too big today but everyone was enjoying the great weather and the locals were tearing it up as usual.  This is the first shot of the day with Lester “El Coyotito” Solis taking off on a nice right.

With the second shot of the day, we have a sick shot of Pancho Chamorro with a sweet front side snap on a small left.  Pancho is not in the water too often but when he is, he rips it up.

Now we have Edwin taking off on a great right with a wicked bottom turn.  We found him wondering the streets, looking for something to do on his Sunday off, so we decided to give him a ride and enjoy the waves with us.

With our next to last shot, we got a shot of one of the many girls in the water today.  This is Verena from Austria enjoying her last day here in Nicaragua, charging out in the water and taking advantage of this wonderful day on the beach.

With our last shot of the day, we have Gustavo from La Boquita with a smooth off the top on a small but nice right. We thought that this was an interesting perspective of the lineup with two guys on different waves but caught in the same picture. Please check back with us tomorrow, hopefully we will have a little bit more swell in the water.