Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This just in from somewhere up north near Mr. Brown's beach house - today is the second day of carnage out on the reef. The surf has been small so we've been taking it out on the fish. Check out this thing I got today (do you see those lips?) - a legit 15 - 20 pounder. What is it? Your guess is as good as mine but the locals sure seemed happy when we gave it to them and it was fun one to spear. This is three days in a row of fresh ceviche - gotta love it!

Welcome to the surf report for today. It's chest high to head high on sets and the wind is offhsore and we head out to Maderas. Last night we got so much rain, so now we want to have a good time at the beach.

Pancho Sanchez going left at Machete pt, he had a nice barrel after this shot but I was busy. Hey man sorry but I had to take a p..!

Here is an unknown pale rider working the face for maximun velocity. Who knows what a radical maneuver he is about to attempt.

Here is a young grom, the future Nicaraguan surfing, practicing the ultimate floater.

This is Salvatrucha smacking the lip.

Carlos Caliente said, It is still small for me but I had so much fun today.

More waves on tap for tomorrow, so check back.