Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, August 23, 2005

OK, another day and even though we had we had funky winds, the waves were fun. It's running slightly overhead on sets. As you can see from this picture we have started selling Tshirts. (We have to make money somehow.) We sell them through the local surfers here in San Juan Del Sur so it creates jobs for them too. So pick one up the next time you come down and help keep us running! This is the original design, we have new designs coming out next week (even a girls design).

Here is our good friend/shaper TG from NorCal. Hey, three shakes and you are playing with it TG!

How about a backside slash?

one last pic for the day...we spent more time in the water and less time taking photos today. We've got a fading swell for the next couple of days.