Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, August 22, 2005

Another day, more perfect waves. I tweaked my neck two days ago and swore I would rest it...after this swell. Today we've got slightly overhead sets and morning offshore winds - the wind turned around in the afternoon. It didn't matter because we'd already surfed for 5 hours. This is Kike, a Las Salinas local.

We'd like to officially welcome Tim Gras of Gras Surfboards and Mark to Nicaragua. Both are visiting from San Francisco, CA. This is Tim...getting used to the warm water.

...and here's Mark.

What would a photo session be without a tube sequence from Mr. Brown?

We actually had so many "Mr. Brown" tube sequences to choose from, it was hard to pick which one to post.

We finally settled on this one because it was the only one he DIDN'T make it out of. Happens to the best of us Mr. Brown. Hasta Manana.