Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, August 19, 2021

Welcome back to the surf report for this Thursday.. well it was one of those rare onshore wind days here for us, the Sea was mad today.

Down the beach in the white water there were some surf lessons going on.. he was one of the few surfers that went out today.

Colorado was messy and dumping walls and almost nobody went out there surfing today, these guys were coming back from a boat trip.

I did see some waves coming in throughout the day at some spots but with all the current and wind on it today it is one of the very rare days here that the surf is not good.

Could be a good day though to rest and recover and take the dogs on a nice walk and get ready for tomorrow and more good waves.

Could take some time to read that book you've been meaning to but always seem to go surfing instead.

Some 2v2 volleyball matches taking place today on the beach with that sick jungle backdrop.

When you get thirsty you can re-hydrate with some fresh coconut water.

Test your balance and core strength with some handstands on the beach.

Or on the slackline you can find the balance within the storm.

I got a shot of this wave that broke through the madness of the waves today and looked like a proper nice wave, just to disappear a moment later and leave behind hopes for more just like it lingering on my mind.

Okay ya'll let's cross our fingers and hope for something good tomorrow. Looking out at the ocean and seeing what nature has provided us is always a pleasure to have. Having the bad days are what make the good days so special. Adios amigos catch ya next time