Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, August 18, 2016

What's up amigos!? Welcome to the surf report for southern Nicaragua with Parker. Make sure you check out today's report with the new swell!!

I'm glad you asked- yes the swell filled in today! We woke up to some beautiful waves!!

Nicaragua is in a rain drought but at least our barrel drought is getting quenched today! Check out this unknown rider's wave.

10 photos later... still in there...

And here's after another 10 shots. Check out how the wave is draining in the shallow bar.

Mission accomplished!! An exit is an exit... Nice wave hombre!

We had a killer morning here! Everybody slipped into a few tubes before breakfast.

This swell isn't anything massive or epic but it's providing fun waves. Find a good line, point your nose in that direction, and go!!

Yes, the barrels are the best part but stay patient. Good things still come after the tube.

Bam! Claim it if you want but making a big carve or throwing a hack is way cooler.

Or boosting above the lip works too!

During the morning session, I only saw one incident. The locals and residents enjoy sharing the wave with friendly travelers but remember it's a different culture in Nicaragua. Do not burn people and rob their waves.

Look- plenty of thick unridden waves slip through! No need to share when you can have your own.

What do ya know??? The unknown ripper found another gem to lock into. Keep scrolling down!

Shacked and happy!!

Mission accomplished: a clean exit. Yeww!!

The mid tide has been pretty fun. Hopefully you got a piece of the incoming tide too!

To a newcomer, the swells and beach can be complex. Make it easier on yourself and your Instagram: hit up Tony Z Photos or NICA Surf Tours. Tony and Gary can dial you in and document your session.

Goofy footers: where are y'all!! How can you be sleeping when this is grinding through??

I was anchored at the Beach Club for the early morning session. If you want your photos, shoot me an email at park[email protected]

Ok damas and caballeros! It's lunch time here so it's time to go snag a few. Thank you all for checking out today's report. Hotstick Hannahs is out and see you in the line up amigos!