Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The swell dropped a little bit more, the waves were kinda small but super fun and nice form.  Waist to shoulder high sets were rolling in, the winds were good in the morning but then started switching like yesterday.  Check it out!!!

This is my third day with this funny crew.  They all are super cool, love to surf, love to play soccer and they love Tona for sure.  The first shot of this crew goes to Chocolatito Blanco racing a nice and clean right hander.

Alexandre trying to get into this barrel section.  He’s got a couple of nice covered up sections but could not make it out of none.  Still super fun to travel for a while, uh!

Angelo was ripping in the afternoon sesh.  He went fishing in the morning so he has lots of energy to spend at the end of the day.  Check him out with a sick turn on this right.

Gabriel does not get to surf pretty often but he’s been doing great during this trip.  Here he is going big with a cool off the top on this little nugget.

Rafa, the ripper surfer of the crew was doing his thing all day long.  Styling on his backside with this move.

Play a little soccer and kill the thirsting time with an ice cold is a good option.  La Garza trying to get that ball back in the game.

There were some racy ones out there, super fun to go in there for a while.  Unknown surfer chilling and enjoying the view on this left.

Mateo Guineo got the little barrel of the day.  A 15 shots sequence on this wave is the proof, but too many to post.  Pulling in deep!

Keith “El Gallo Pinto” was ripping all morning long.  Here he is caught with a cool frontside turn on this little left.

The conditions were perfect to take a longboard out as well.  This is Mark “Buzz” looking good on this right by the river mouth.

The last action shot of the day goes to this unknown surfer, smacking the lip with his backside.  Cool move brotha!

Get in the pool and drink some ice cold tonas right before sunset sounds good.  What a paradise!!!

Wait a minute, never can say paradise without a sick sunset shot.