Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hola amigos, this is Lucha Libre Garcia with a quick update for your Saturday surf report.  The waves were fun in the morning, right before the winds start going crazy again, the waves were running in the shoulder high range and the water was great.  Check it out!!!

X-Games was delivering some sweets a-frames and nobody was on it.  What a shame!

Far down the beach horse-shoes was also breaking in by itself.  Is anybody going to get wet today?

The south side was also offering some nice and fun little nuggets.  This boogie boarder was all over them.

Mr Cortez made it over our way and he was doing his thing.  On his frontside!

And on his backside.  It was nice to see back in the water mi amigo, shredding up!

We were calling this the wipe out of the day.  But check out what happened!!!

Somehow he recovered and got one of the better waves of the day.  No idea how he did it, check out next shot!

Well done buddy.  That was sick!

Brad was ripping all over the place.  Killer vert on this lefty!

The view from the porch of the NSR Beach House.  What a scene!

This unknown rider scored the best wave of the day.  Just holding the rail and driving for a little while.

That's all for today amigos.  Please check back tomorrow!