Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hi everybody!!!. We went to check a point break during the high tide. Here is the first serie I see. The offshore wind is a little strong and the maximun size of the waves is four feet. Just a few surfer were catching these lefts. Check it out.

The swell no is big, so this point is just starting to work. But even with only two feet high this left have a tube. No kidding, this wave have a hole tube in that session.

The shallow reef made a mini slap over there. Well, there is only one chance of get out or you will visit the reef.

After the first drop there is a fast section with tube until the end of that foam of white water, but if you aselerate a litle bit you can starting to make fast turns.

Here is Cesar making a turn before to pass on that shallow reef. He probably need to make another turn before the wave start to have a tube again.

After the danger part of the reef there is another session to turns. So if you get out the tube there are ten more meters until finish this wave.

All the point breaks working are gentil today, so this is how looks the waves in almost all the breaks. But for sure this place was the best surf spot today.

All our beachbreaks are working good, the only things you need to considerate is the right time for the beach depending the tide. Some surf spot looks ugly but there are always a window of good waves in every breaks.

Just there are three surfers in the water and they probably are a group of friends playing and splashing water. Here is Cesar trying to clean the suncream of his friend of the face.

When this wave it's small is probably more fun, because there are places for made a lot of different type of tricks. Check the step wall of this wave and imagine what trick you can do!!!!.. I probably want to go in front and come back making a round house with a late back combo in the end!!! ha hhaaa!!...

The offshore wind is changing all day, is going of seven to ten miles per hours, but this place was more protected for the wind. Check the water how glassing it is were this surfer is smashing the lip of this wave.

Check this!!!. After his turn the wave still breaking with power. It's because is crossing on the shallow reef. This wave is considerate perfect, so if you know how ride a wave no there are why worry of a closing out wave.

From the take off to the end of this wave you probably can made seven turns or you can mix a tube with cuts. Today is sunny and the water is super tropical, so what more you can ask for?

This waves looks like a twins coming to the beach. This is how looks a perfect day with not to many people in the water. Well, probably tomorrow will be crowded, but we will be in another place...

Ok. Amigos. Another day another dollar, see you tomorrow in another surf report. Armando Lopez is out.