Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hello my peeps, good evening and welcome to another addition of the Nicaragua Surf Report. It was just another day in paradise today. Waves were in the shoulder to head high range, wind conditions were absolutely perfect all day, lots of thin lipped barrels and plenty of open faces to hit. The short period of this swell made for some playful surf all day long. Check below for all the action.

Tommy hailing from California was out getting pitted and more.  Looking through our photos, he had a smile on his face on every wave!  I can see why!

Little Steffi Kerson was out there and surfed for 6 hours straight today.  I think she caught more waves than most! I'm going to miss this little chica!

Here's a cool shot of an unknown surfer ripping a big tailslide on his forehand.  The waves were perfect for hunting little tubes or blasting the lip... whatever floats your boat!

Here's a good friend of ours, Keith, also from the state of Cali.  He's heading home tomorrow and back to the grind.  Buen viaje amigo!

This man had some serious speed coming at this section.  First shot, going completely vertical towards that lip!

Next shot, putting some force behind that turn! Uhhh!

Here's another photo of Tommy, he got an insane tube at the beggining of this wave, came out and wrapped a strong cutback!

Mike McCabe, another Cali surfer was shredding out there.  He was getting some sick rights at one of the peaks up the beach!

Juan Bustos was our man on the beach getting all the photos for today!  I had a chance to paddle out and surf with all the other folks and got some fun ones!

It was a great day of waves at this spot.  All the way from the high tide morning to the low tide in the late afternoon.  Stay tuned for another daily report tomorrow straight from the beach here in NICA!  Keep it real out there!  Good work out there today Senor Juancito!