Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NSR Photographers were out in force today taking all kinds of great surf photos.  Maybe we got a killer shot of you. All you have to do is to check NSRsurfshots.com to search today's and past galleries. Click here and try it out!

Hi everybody, we are Jairo “Come Pan Panic” Ramos and Roberto “Lucha Libre” Garcia bringing you the action of the Wednesday surf report. This morning wasn’t working that good but then when the tide dropped down a bit it many fun ones came through. It was running about head high to over head on sets, with off shore wind and warm water. Check it out.

Today Come Pan and Lucha Libre got hired for two different groups.  Let’s start the day with Come Pan’s crew who were so excited today and catch many good ones.  We don’t even have to introduce our good friend John Lier who was charging out there today on some of the bigger set waves of the day.

How about his daughter Mattisen Lier who is following her father’s steps.  She was having so much fun out there today but she is still missing her sister Katelin.

Stephen was so stoked with the water shots that Come Pan took last time.  So today he was doing all kind of stuff to score a couple of good ones.  Here he was caught with a sweet slash.

There were some pretty fun looking waves that rolled all the way in to the beach today with no takers.  Check this amazing right out from of the NSR House.

The second crew of the day was having so much fun with Lucha Libre.  From Left to right we have John Sedleniek, Hayden Watson, Lance Petit and the boss
Gannon Tidwell from San Francisco.

On the first surfing shot of these guys we have Lance Petit who was caught here taking off on a nice looking right.  This guy really had fun today with all his friends.

The second shot goes to Gannon Tidwell who was catching tons of good waves today.  Here he is dropping into a nice left hander.  It was nice to meeting you all of you guys, we hope you guys check in with us again next time.

Our friend Hayden Watson tried to paddle out today at Panga Drops but unfortunately he got hit by his surfboard on the first wave he caught so he got back to the house and spend the rest of the day with his buddy John. He wants to tell his wife that he is ok.

Today the lefts were working just for at least a hour and there were some unknown guys out that were taking advantage on very single wave that came through. Check out this guy getting shack on this one.

There are always some sick wipeouts when we have some good waves down here in Nicaragua. Here is the unlucky surfer of the day with a killer photo going over the falls. He might want to blow this one up and remember this moment for ever.

Alright folks, that’s all for today. The swell is dropping for the rest of the week, but there might still some ones coming through.