Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, August 11, 2010

HEY!  Bienvenidos (welcome) to the NSR surf report. This is Eric with Wednesday’s action down at the beach. Waves were fun and rippable this a.m.  The day started off with almost no wind, maybe a hint of offshores, making the conditions really glassy.  It was nice and warm in and out of the water.  Albert from SB was setting up on all the little right hand drainers...and I think he wins $10 for getting his shot on NSR, right Albert?    

Dylan from Flagler, Florida was out all morning catching lots of waves.  It seemed like every set that came through he got a piece of. The waves were small today and didn’t get much bigger than this, but still a great day to get out in the water.

This is one of the head hombres here at NSR. “Carlos Caliente” with his daily routine of strolling the beach with his baby, Reyna - Pretty sweet lifestyle. Carl likes to pull in to big throating barrels and it doesn’t matter to him if they spit him out or slam him.  He may not look it, but he’s a little crazy in good sized surf.  

Here is Jeremiah (not Chewy) from California going vertical and about to take lift-off!  He’s here with his brother and a couple friends, stoked to strip off those wetsuits.

Pancho decided to paddle out and tear apart some little waves.  Man’s got some power!  Layin’ into a sick hack.

This is Jack, anotha' brotha' from the VA crew.  Measuring in at 6'6'', Jack is a baseball star and just committed to playing at USC (that's South Carolina for all you west coasters).  Hopefully we'll get to see him pitch in tomorrow's game with the local team (weather permitting).  He's not a bad surfer either! 

Unknown surfer havin’ some fun with this little nugget. Nice frontside snap.

One of the guys from Virginia Beach, Marc, taking some time off from the baseball field project to get some waves!  You can see in this shot that the winds were blowing offshore, later this afternoon they turned around.  Still great waves all morning though.

It wasn’t all about layin’ it on rail today.  This guy found himself a sick little shack!  Unknown on a hollow little left.

One more shot of Dylan, blowin’ his fins out on his frontside.  Hopefully you’ll get a big barreling day before you go back to Florida dude!  We’ll be back tomorrow with more shots of the waves and hopefully some baseball action from our project up north. Until then, thanks for checkin’ us out here at NSR!