Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, August 10, 2019

Hello everybody and happy weekend! This is Parker welcoming you to my final surf report. Cooler than that, the waves are fun so keep scrolling down amigos!

I’ll give you my skinny then the waves skinny afterwards. How about that? Well, my time with NSR is finishing up with a lot of mixed feelings. So stoked and thankful for 5 seasons of work but a little bummed to be leaving. It’s been a crazy and amazing run but it’s time for the next experience. It isn’t an adios, it’s more like a hasta luego.

Ok, the skinny on the surf. It was fun! Wait until the higher tides and you’ll see some more size and tubes. I like the interval because a few peaks were opening up (as you’ll see later in the report). Good wind, good size, good swell period… yeah, good everything!

But we’re going to be authentic and honest. Not all the waves were perfect 10’s with spitting exits. However, the surfers committed to them, pulled in with no exit in mind, and made it look like a 10!

The rights were the call today but Oso still wanted to photo bomb the left. Sit on that southern peak and you’ll definitely see some gems slip through.

Buttttt you know which direction I like! Must I say more?

Man, lots of fun waves coming through this morning. If you saw Tony Z water shooting, hit him up for your barrel shots. He always nails the shot and they always come out great.

Outside of the water, Jerry and Neil were enjoying one last morning here. They’ve been staying in Fort Walker and loving it! Beautiful house, prime location, and a great staff. Equally important, their groms have been killing it (have you see the previous day’s reports?).

Hey I do want to give Brian a shoutout. Y’all know SBS, the resident NSR photog who does the report most days of the week? I want you to go back to Wednesday’s report. The crew did a boat to a nearby point and those are some of the best photos I have ever seen. Colors, clarity, composure, and surfers. Brian, you shot incredible pictures bro! To our audience reading this, reach out to us at [email protected] to set him up and capture your moments down here.

Today, Brian is in Mukol shooting a wedding and it looks like we have a wedding here in Hacienda Iguana as well. We’ve been busy lately with all these weddings! Though, getting married down here in paradise would be a great idea. 

What do you think Amy? If you need ideas, just saying…

Speaking of weddings, I think Rafa is married to this wave. Though he only gets limited time down here these days, he surfs this beach break so well and is always a friendly smile in the line up. I’ll be stoked to see what he does when the swell picks up.

And a honeymoon bonus too, huh?

So, the southern peak, the middle peak, and now some action in that northern peak! The sand is good and the bars are holding well. It’s good to see all the action spread out so everybody can get their lions share.

Talk about bravery. Pulling into this beast on your backside. Niceeeeee!

Lots of good tubes to be found but also some fun corner sections to smash. Maybe go for the double header…

I want to give a shoutout to our friend Josh LePell. Him and his family use to live down here but their business (San Lius Obisbo Marble) has been taking off and keeping them Stateside. Always good to see him and Corrin here and all the great stuff they do in the community.

And a wonderful community we have here… filled with waves!!!

You know what's one thing I've learned while working at NSR? How many people behind the scenes that are making it happen. Ana, middle, and Alma, left, are two amazing women that work in our property manangement (and sometimes the surf shop) department. I could go on for paragraphs saying all kinds of true phenomenal attritibutes about them. Gracias a vos por todo que lo hacen y para cubrirme mientras estoy surfeando! Les voy a extranar mucho y Dios les bendiga mucho.

Alright my last photo goes to this legendary crew. Ever since I came down 4 years ago, these guys have been nothing but good to me. How about we also include patient, loving, encouraging, and supportive? Seriously guys, y’all have been so great to me and I have loved working with y’all. I will forever think of you guys as family and hold you in a very special place in my heart. I can’t wait to see y’all in February and the next time we get to surf down here. Thank you all for everything! Ok guys, I hope y’all enjoyed my reports over the years and I’ll forward to seeing everybody sometime down the road. Hotsticks is out.