Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, August 09, 2009

What's up folks?  We've got your Sunday, chill-out, end-of-the-weekend surf report today.  The waves are still super fun and running about head high on sets.  The wind is blowing offshore and you can surf all day long if you want.  Check out what we gots for you today.

This shot about sums it up for today - chill and buttery.  We went to the beach today on the off-tide and there weren't too many heads in the line-up.  This is some Aussie we met who was killing it on the longboard.  G-day mate!

Chewy had some friends in town and they've been surfing their brains out.  We finally decided to hook 'em up with some love on NSR.  This is Luke Skywalker, speed-lining on this nice right.

Here we have Jasmine, who decided to stay on the beach and count all the money she's been taking from the boys in Liar's Dice.  What's up Jasmine!

This is Adam, pulling into a sick Jax Bch. Barrel (JBB).  Does that count?

Here's Adam again, showing Chewy how to catch some air.  Adam actually landed on his head and pulled an ear muscle on this one.  Next time try the double-grab man!

Holy Sh$#, where did this thing come from? The Surfari boys have outdone themselves once again. Yesterday they caught this record (82 lb) Wahoo! This sea monster measured over 6' long and was almost as big around as Capt. Lance Moss. For those of you who don't know - THIS IS A MONSTER FISH! Lance's parents, Kristin, and Capt. Lance were all on Chef Jeff's boat (the Marlindo) to witness this one. You guys are killing it!!! Thanks to Erin for sending in the photos!

This is Buddy Love, cruising down the line on a nice lefthander.  We know he was going fast because he had blue flames on his board!

The ladies were out today too.  We don't know this one, but she sure was catching some good waves. 

Chewy can highline it as good as anybody.  He just got his 'fro cut today so I think he'll be going even faster tomorrow.

Hey Dan, we didn't forget about you man!  Dan the man, got a good tan, then he ran, across the hot sand...

Sunday's are traditionally a beach day in Nicaragua.  It's everybody's day off and people head out to relax in the ocean.  This family looked like they were enjoying themselves....especially that kid rolling around in the sand.

Even the dogs had a good time out there today.  We are supposed to have fun wave again all week long so check back with us tomorrow!