Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, August 09, 2008

Hi folks, this is Lucha Libre bringing you the action of the Saturday surf report from Maderas.  The waves were kind of small today running about chest high on sets, with off shore wind and the water was cool. Today we took out our new intern who you are going to know in the next picture so look forward.

We want to make an official introduce to our new intern for the next months.  He’s name is D-Lite “The 40’s year old Intern”, he came down here few years ago and it’s so excited to stay here a little bit longer this time.  He has a lot of experiences where we can learn from and hopefully we’ll do a great job together.  Welcome to the NSR family my friend!!!

Let’s start with the action.  On the first surfing shot of the day we have Augusto “La Gaviota” Chamorro with a sweet snap on this left.  This guy is a great surfer and he is still looking for somebody who wants to support his surf.

On this shot we have this unknown rider taking a nice looking right. Hey buddy, I heard that you rented a board out in town and you didn’t like it. Next time you can hire one of the sweet boards we have in the NSR office, just let us know about what you are looking for and we’ll get it for you.

A couple of girls paddled out today and were riding some fun looking waves. Here is one of them going all the way in to the beach on a clean one.

Norwin “El Chulin” Estrella was able to paddle out as well and was scoring some small but fun waves. Here I caught him bottom turning a little one.

Here we have Grant “El Cunado” on the last shot of the day with a sweet backside move. The swell is supposed to pick up tomorrow, so check back with us.

Later on, on the way back home we decided to take a look on the new Skate Pit we have at Los Miradores in San Juan del Sur.  Here we Have Caleb who was one of the 3 guys that built this thing to have fun.

This is little Brent who was testing out his own Skate Pit.  He was part of this building as well.  It took them a week to make this dream come true and today they were enjoying it for first time.

Augusto “La Gaviota” was representing his girlfriend Lindsay who was the other person who contributed to make this Skate Pit.  Even when he’s doing skate, he keeps flying away.

Rex “La Bestia” Calderon is not only the best surfer in Nicaragua, he’s one of the best skate boarder as well.  Lucha Libre out!!!