Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, August 07, 2021

It's the weekend and the beach is busy! We got some lingering cloud cover that is keeping it nice and cool out. The waves are waist high as we are waiting a few more days for the next swell to arrive.

When the waves are small is a perfect time to get the kiddos out for some surf lessons. Yeah boyz!!

Jackson using these small waves for some air practice!

Super sick floater on the quick closing section.

Some of the most consistent offshore winds in the world here so even when it's small you can still look for that vision.

Smacking the lip with some force and throwing buckets out the back.

Boogey on down to the beach and get you some waves with the fam today

What!?! Super sick! You may be able to surf good when the waves are pumping but what about that small wave game? Jackson has got it down either way

Did I say small waves.. Well our small is different lol There were still some nice size coming through from time to time as shown here by Isabella on this fun one.

Okay ya'll thank you for checking out the surf report today on this wonderful weekend day. Enjoy your weekend and get out and enjoy some nature time and get a good exercise and make sure to cruise back tomorrow to check out some more surf shots and take a look through our eyes to see some more of this beautiful Emerald Coast.