Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, August 06, 2022

Hey everybody welcome back for the daily surf report! We have some super fun waves again today and it looks like we will continue to have some fun waves throughout the week with some new swell energy coming at the end of next week. Hot Carl dropping in on a set wave this morning.. yeeeee come check out the rest of the shots..

Is that Julie looking for some tube time!? Yeeee

Makoa back in town from the Canary Islands and charging it like he never left..

Colorado is known for it's tubes and offshore winds for 300+ days a year, have you taken a surf trip recently.. you deserve it! Let's goooooo!

Always nice when the set wave comes and it's a bit bigger

Guido charging the green room on his green retro fish

Dario had one of the best barrels at sunset a couple of days ago but there is no visual evidence.. just know it was one of those that everybody on the sand starts cheering when he came flying out of the tube. Yeeee

Jeison smacking the lip

Carlos looking like he's in a heat against Jeison and trynna one up his lip smack with one of his own

Okay ya'll thank you for coming by and checking us out today! We will be back with more highlights for you manana and some happenings around the hood! Have a wonderful weekend! Adios amigos