Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, August 02, 2007


We have got Roberto Lucha Libre Garcia with the surf report for today, we still have some pretty size waves out here at Popoyo and the crowd showed out around 9:00 in the morning. It is head high to overhead on sets and the wind offshore. Check it out.

Everybody was out ripping it up today. Here is Lance La Polvoza Moss with a sick turn.

But the local says that they can do that kind of moves too. Here is Mario El Da

Luis La Baloy Chamorro keeps working hard in the water to win this contest. Here he is going big!!!

I do not know how i do it but i always found some cute chicks on the beach. This one is from Fl and she was enjoying the sun today and the waves too.

Did i say everybody was ripping it up today? Check out this guy with a nice maneuver. By the way i heard this guy is going to participate in the International contest, that will be rat.

This is the unlucky guy of the day. He got cut by one of his fin and he got 2 stiches, Sorry Junior.

Today i took a tons of good shots. Here is another guy from Fl with a nice turn, this contest is going to be sick because this guy is going to participate in the International too.

This is Darwin El Cabucho Jacamo getting some air. Hey buddy, you have to save those ones for the contest!!!

As always the best wave of the day with nobody on it or i have to say in it. Where are you Mr Brown?

All right buddy, keep looking for NSR. Stay tuned for the contest.