Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, August 01, 2016

Yeap primos!!!!. Here we are again with more of the best waves from Nicaragua Original and Unique. The waves are good during the last two hour of the high tide. There are sets every ten minutes with waves overhead. Check it out.  

The swell supposedly gonna drop a little bit, but I think today was bigger and just a little more stronger than yesterday. Check the size of this wave and put a number.

There are three rights and two lefts working in the beach. The wave is not too hollow, but there are tubes and corners for turns. So there are everything + 12 knots of offshore wind.

Remember the peak of the last two month. Well, have a A frame, but no is the biggest wave during this swell. The others peaks are better.

I want to show you the medium sized waves in the north peak. The left was rolling fast, but the right is rolling on the channel very, very well.

And here is the big wave in the set. I like to show you what happen with all my friends in the line up when the set come and any of them were ready. Any of you don't want to be there. That washing machine was on in the heavy mode with extra rinse.

When I am old I want to be like this man. He was walking on the beach followed for five girls. Ohhh man!!!.. You are a lucky man!!!.

Pancho Villa is the man in red, he was in the south peak testing the little corner. He likes heavy waves, but who's don't want to go in a easy wave?

Well, after little tube it's the time for a real tube. If you want to have a nice photos of surf use a red Shirt looks sick in the waves and more if is a red t shirt from NSR.

There are a bunch of waves during the sets, but the medium size waves between the series are nice. There are a lot of surfers getting barreled today.

This left was short and looks easy to made, but there are bumps sometimes and this surfer can tell you is true. This swell is just started, check the conditions in surf line for the next weeks and you will see what i am talking about.

Even the small waves are kinda intimidate. The foam with sand made this wave looks strong, but I was surfing during the afternoon, I take three waves and really are not really strong, its just the apariense.

Our big but easy wave in this beach was rolling without crowd. It's because it's probably ten feet out there. You want a try???.

Ok. Mis amigos. We will keep surfing and show you our days. You can be part of the party, just come here and go charging some of this waves. Armando Lopez is out. Have fun and see you tomorrow in another surf report.