Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, August 01, 2015

Hello primos. The high tide was really fun. Multiple breaks were working all over the beach. The offshore wind was really nice after a breeze. Some good right have tubes. Check it out.

From the peak all the way to the beach, these waves were rolling good with nice wall for make some smash. Check this surfer here ready to hit the lip of the wave.

The pretty Maria from Portugal is surfing here every day and she is ripping with nice style. Check how glassing is the ocean after the rain.

Check who playful is this wave... The first five meters have a tube and the rest a nice ramp to score some tricks.

The biggest sets have amazing nuggets. Check this waves how was keeping the shape from the beginning to the end. See the sequence.

In the middle of the way, these barrel was breaking over head. This wave gave me so keen to go to surf.

And see how finish this wave. A lot of wave are breaking right now with this shape. I hope for the moment I go surf the waves keep like that.

Colen Eberly was so afraid to be in the barrel, who he was escaping of this tiny tube. Que pasa amigo?????

The fishing season is good right now. A school of balihoo, were attacked for a big Mahi Mahi. Was a spectacle of the natural life.

Ok. Amigos. Is really nice day to use a sweater and drink coffee or paddle out for the last wave of the day. Thanks to check the surf report and see you tomorrow. Armando Lopez is out.

Ha!. And don't forget to start making plan for the big Party Of the year the next weeken. More than two hundred people already confirmed the assistance and the eighty percent are girls.