Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, August 01, 2006

OK, so this is annie with the afternoon fiesta report. The guys at Giant's Foot Surf Camp sure know how to throw a mean party. Thanks to Carol, I was able to get some proof (I didn't have a camera). Check out these party pants.

There were 4 birthdays going on. Tons of fun. They even killed a pig (on the third try) and grilled it up Nicaragua style with all kinds of yummy stuff.

Just check my plate out.

So of course with 4 birthdays comes 4 cakes...here is Kai Man getting so busted trying to sneak at least 4 more pieces.

Alright guys, we got a big swell coming this week, so check back manana. And to the Giant's Foot crew, you guys rock, thanks for a great time!

Pancho here - still deep into Mainland Mexico and still getting waves. We found a new spot but we're not going to name it because Lance said not to do that anymore. It's the right thing to do, especially since we don't want all of you to pack up your trucks, drive for two weeks to get here and make the empty line-up crowded. Anyway, check out this set wave, cracking at first light.

Hey wait, Rebecca, is that you with one of the party pants guys?

Once again, Hot Carl chose to bypass camera duties in order to snag a few set waves. Don't worry man, I got your back. We're out of here tomorrow, making a run to Acapulco. HC can't wait much longer to do some cliff diving - he's actually been sleeping in the speedo's the last couple of nights.

Hey it's annie and this is the NSR Beach House crew with the surf report for today. Winds were offshore, and the surf was a few feet overhead.

First we have Jesse. He was getting some good ones.

Then there was Mattison. This girl was charging.

Sister Kaitlin charging as well.

Here is friend Laurel.

And boyfried Griffin.

Good ol' dad John.

And some guy we don't know.

Roberto even got me on one. Check back tomorrow.