Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 31, 2021

¡Hola amigos y familiares de todo el mundo! Espero que hoy hayas disfrutado del sol en tu cara. Estoy Stoked para traerte algunas fotos del surf and the beautiful people like Alejandra here enjoying the beach and watching the waves. Come check it out!

The swell is supposed to be showing up tomorrow afternoon with some more energy but there are still some super fun waves to be had out there.

Rob enjoying a Saturday morning surf.. what a wonderful way to start the weekend!

What about a party wave with a friend or maybe a father and son surf tandem shred show!

Still some really fun size when the set waves would come through and some cover up moments. Easy, breezy, beautiful.. Covered Girl lol dad joke on point

Pedro catching a bunch of fun waves during his stay here and I know he is not gonna wanna leave.. this place is a dream and nobody wanna wake up from a good dream.

How to make the most with the least.. she isn't just getting covered on the set waves but she is also laying down that rail game.

Super slotted and charging ahead full speed.

Derek is always tearing it up out front and today was no different as you can see he's got some super soaker spray coming off that tail.

Dario look out ahead you've got some human anatomy ahead lol this was moments before Dario hit a super floater

Charging it!!! Yeah dude nice set waves coming through like every 10-15 minutes it was actually a really consistent morning session.

Danny told me he was going to go out and get a good one and i told him okay bro I'll get you if you do and Blam! Here ya go bro nice wave!

Hitting that Nos tank to get some extra speed on this one.. what ya gonna do with all that speed?

Oh Okay!! I see you outchea! That's what you do with all that speed! Nice bro.. and how about that waterman catching the straight up into the air shot.

Once again it has been my pleasure to bring you some moments from the beach here and share some of the stoke I have for this beautiful place with you. The world is huge and full of awesome places; if you love warm water, sunny days, and offshore head high waves this place is hard to beat. I hope you get to experience it for yourself and if you know what I'm talking about I hope you get back soon! Later everybody! Peace