Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hi there!!!, thanks for check the surf report. We are passing for the best of our surf seasson and this is how looks the beach in the morning. Not is a joke, not to many place in the world have this type of waves. Check todays action.


The wave have good size but is not to hollow. The back side pig dog style is always good for made late drop.

The swell is a mix of a very south direction with the good 213* making so many rights. I don't see people trying going left in this beach break.

The sets are bringing a lot of waves, probably more than ten waves break all over the beach during the set time and there are more medium size waves like this one between the sets.

So, if you not have chance for a tube its chance for a nice cut. The speed in the waves is so good for exchange direction and made good spray.

Some times is necessary to pumping couple times for made the tube, but today a lot of the surfers were to in front of the tube. They probably need to use the brakes to stop or made a good bottom turn.

I was the last two days taking photos during the high tide and I know this time was the best. There are windows of good waves and sometimes there are currents making the wave a little messy.

My buddy Crist from Popoyo Surf Lodge was getting some tubitos. He was with a Go pro camera, so imagine the video he probably have.

After a good surf session we rest a little bit before to go and visit another break. Clase Chancho!!!...

And Tahaaahttttaaaataaataaaan!!!!!. F$%@ we always found good waves. This point resive the direction and the size very well.

Marcio was testing some of the first wave in our session. The sets were big!!!!. This is just the medium size.

We have session for turns and the ride was a little bit long. Not to sunny, the days was cloud, so we don't burn too much.

Check here at Mark Guilding passing close to the reef. Here the wave was rolling faster making the trip really excited or more danger.

Francisco was posing for the photo, here he is passing at 45 Km/H in front me. We were super fun during three hours. Life is good!!!!.

Gabriel Joachim was the best surfer in the water. He was killing the waves. I see him getting barrels in almost every wave he ride. you was the man Braaaahhh!!!!.

Ok. My friends was along day and tomorrow will be too, because we are in our endle summer movie of the 2016 surf seasson, so be tuned to the surf report and watch the best waves in the seasson. Armando Lopez is out.