Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hi there, here is Lucha Libre Garcia again with your Wednesday surf report.  There was still plenty of swell in the water, running about head high plus on the bigger sets, winds were a little weird and the water was nice.  Check it out!!!

We want to throw a special shout out to Austin, who was killing it today.  His daddy was so proud of him.

We want to welcome and say hi to Pamela Denise Anderson, a Canadian actress, model, producer, author, activist, and former showgirl, known for her roles on the television series Home Improvement, Baywatch, and V.I.P.  Welcome down!

We were so excited about getting some nice ones today, but as soon as we got to the beach the winds start messing around.  Carlitos Calientes on a solid right hander.

Mel Melon Comelon Melocoton Cochon got out and he was ripping all over.  Killer frontside maneuver on a this peeler.

There were definitely some nice sets rolling in.   Kei charging this one, for the water camera!

There were a few guys ripping hard down the river mouth.  Here is caught this unknown rider setting up for a nice turn.

Mikie blasting fins out on this closed out section.   He's running for king of the groms, eventually he will be a rad surfer.

Our very good friend diving to catch a huge makerel that was in the lineup.  He didn't get barreled but he did catch some fish for lunch.

Daddy taking care of the little boys.  Watch out for the backwash daddy.

The winds got a little stronger and crazy, so the NSR crew went down the beach to pull into some mini bumps and get some water shots.  Pancho Sanchez the man in charge.  Here is Melocotoni right in front of the Go-Pro.

Simon  El Varon de la Salsa on one of the bigger sets of the day.  Way to go Barbudo!

Carlitos was also in the hunt for some water pics.  Come on dude, smile for the camera!

Classic shot in Nicaragua for Pamela Anderson as the last shot of the day.  That's all for today amigos, please check back tomorrow.