Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hey everyone, this is Eric with the surf report for Saturday. Went to the beach with Roberto this a.m. to get some shots. We had some head high waves with plus sizes on the better sets, offshore all day again and a light crowd out in the lineup. This was the first wave we saw when we pulled up and nobody anywhere near it as it rifled down the sandbar.

Here's Dave from Igante pullin' into a nice left. Most of these shots were taken at low tide which was making every wave open wide. Drop in and pull in!

This is Lance from Ventura, CA. He can get that bodyboard so deep in the tube it's hard to believe he can make it out.

This is Burton from Miami, Florida. Check out the spray comin' off of this bottom turn....He had some serious speed on this turn and you can bet that he's about to throw buckets of water!

Here's the only Australian out in the lineup this morning. Danny, locked into a sweet right tube and stoked to be out of his wetsuit and into some warm water. Making the boys back home jealous! This guy was getting some unreal tubes today and he's got a killer backside style.

I took the water camera out this morning and got some sick shots. Some of which you're about to see, but first I decided to get a few waves. You can't take pictures of non-stop tubes and not want to get a few yourself!

I surfed with Paulo this morning and everytime I looked down the beach he'd be setting into a perfect righthander. Here he is pulling under a thick lip!

Finally someone pulling into a nice left. This is Royal from Vero Beach, Florida getting shacked on heavy one. The low-tide was making for some thick dumping tubes.

Another guy from Miami, the fish captain, Matty. If you're ever in Florida and you want to see what offshore fishing is all about, this is your man. Also a good surfer, Matty was getting tons of coverage this morning, picking off one perfect right after another.

This is Matty son, getting out on the water at an early age. Give the kid a few more years and he's sure to be shredding!

Here's our friend Gray, looking out from a super fun looking tube. He was whipping around at the last second and pulling into anything and everything this morning.

This is Gracie, another Floridian. She came down to Nica with her three brothers and parents. Her dad, Sunny, is a local shaper back home and he made her this awesome fish for their trip.

This is Marty, he came down with the three brothers and Gracie from the last photo. I saw him pull into this right from pretty far out and just get completely slotted inside it.

Another sweet shot of Matty, like I said, he was picking off sooo many good waves and kept running through the barrel right at me with my water camera. Nice backside slot about to go down!

This unknown rider was probably trying to race through this lefthand barrel so he could smack the section coming at him down the line. It was like a skatepark out in the water today. Lefts and rights were peaking up everywhere..Sooo many good waves everywhere you looked!

What a wave, it would've been hard not to get shacked this morning, the low tide and offshore winds were making these waves super hollow!

If you havn't been to Nicaragua yet or just need to get away and get some waves, shoot us an e-mail. NSR can set you up with a spot right in front of these waves so you can do this alll day long!