Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, July 31, 2006

From Rio Nexpa, Mx - we blazed a trail from Pascuales yesterday afternoon and made it to Nexpa. If you've never done that drive, I recommend it. Think the 1 in CA, except that it's a lush tropical setting with palm trees, cliffs plunging hundreds of feet into warm, blue water and white sand beach coves, completely hidden and private. It's insane. As is the setup at Nexpa when you finally get here. These are the bungalows on the beach, just a short walk from the sand point left and right.

Check out the line-up with an overhead set wave coming through. With multiple take off spots and long paddle outs, it's not a perfect wave - but it certainly is fun and rippable.

Hi, this is Roberto with the surf report for today. I didn't go to Maderas today, I guessed is overhead on sets but the wind is onshore, so It's a good day to take some spanish class and hang out at the bay.

TODAY'S SPANISH CLASS: Esta es una vieja leccion, espero que aun la recuerden. Este es un pajaro. This is an old class, I hope you still remain it. This is a bird.

Esos son algunos tatuages. Those are some tathoos.

Chequear ma