Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hola amigos and welcome to the tubos grandes report brought to you by Parker. Unfortunately, the swell didn't fill in as we expected; however, there were plenty of barrels for everybody. Check out the action from the morning!

Thanks to the offshore breezes and lower tide, everybody was scoring. Make sure you brag about it to your friends back home!

Some guys were backing out of the heavier waves. However, this guy was taking full advantage of the empty peak.

A couple ladies got out there and showed the guys what they could do. Yeww!!

Our very own Carl is accustomed to surfing Outer Reef when its double overhead. Maybe that's why he was hunting for the bigger ones today.

NSR can set you up on a boat trip to check out some other sweet breaks. NSR can also help you get barreled too...

Lesther would not miss the chance to find some nuggets today. Let's see what you got!!

Within two minutes, he was out there snagging a sick wave. Check out the pretty blue water too!

Then, he spent the entire wave in the tube. By the end of his barrel, he came out in the sandy corner. I don't understand how his hair is sun-bleached blonde when he spends the whol wave inside the tube...

Taz's family made the trip from Italy. He wanted to get out there and throw some water around too!

After the tube, the water had a leftover section to cutback on.

Our beach has tubes for everybody so please be respectful (and safe)! We understand these incidents happen but let's try to minimize them.

For example, you can walk to the left peak. You will find less people and a hollow barrel.

Or, take a quick walk to the north. At our other break, you will find a small barrel section and plenty of rippable faces.

Like Andrew, let's get out there and find a couple for ourselves! Thank you guys for taking the time to check out today's report. Adios amigos!!

Lesther is a local ripper. When others dive out of the wave, he goes.