Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, July 30, 2012

Hey everyone, thanks for tuning into another daily surf report from NSR.  I went out there early to find some head high surf with steady offshore winds.  The water is a little chilly out there without the sunshine and the crowd was getting a little thick! Check out the scene!

The tide was on it's way up but there were still some hollow waves coming in.  This man stalled into a good little pocket!

Carlos Caliente is back to his home break this morning.  This is the definition of getting snowballed.  A perfect barrel section just being destroyed!  Carlos about to push through the blind spot!

Good mate of ours from down under, Mitch, going vertical on the end section of this one!

We had a couple girls out in the lineup today gettin' it done.  Here's one of em' pigdogging for this backside section!

Miles must have been out there early this a.m. getting his fill of waves.  Ripping a strong cutback on this left!

Back in Florida these frigate birds are usually only found way offshore.  Here you see them along the coastline... and they love following the local fishermen on their way in!

Little local grom Oscar working on his frontside hack! 

Another local chico, Carlos, using his whole body to stall into this lefthander. 

About five shots further on and he's still slotted on this thing!  Ya mon!

Here's Mitch with a sick tailslide for the last action shot from this morning. 

That's all folks... The surf is looking similar for tomorrow, we'll be out there bringing you a wave report!  Thanks for checkin' in with us, this is Eric and I am out!