Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, July 30, 2010

Hey everyone this is Eric, the new intern here at NSR with your surf report for Friday. We had a full on barrelfest today with super warm water, light offshore wind, and a bunch of people gettin' a bunch of good waves....like this freight-train righthand shack.

Looking at these perfect waves peel all down the beach just before paddling out is the best way to get amped!

It also might make you want to paddle back out even though your girl is waiting for you to get out. Don't look back Lance!

This is our man Olli showin' everyone how it's done. Drop in, grab your rail and lock in to a thick barrel.

When you come flying out these tubes you gotta do something with all that speed! Here's Dwight with a sick frontside hack.

That's Shawn Kemp about to pull in backside with no hands. This waves well over his head and looking like it's going to deliver a sick ride. Some of the waves were a little fast this morning but you never know if you're goin' to make it unless you pull in.

We can set you up with a boat trip here at NSR that will be sure to put you in the right lineup for this. But they can't pull in for you. Unknown surfer about to get pitted!

Almost every wave was opening up today. You can bet that another surfer was doing the same thing this guy is on the other end of this wave.

This guy was pulling in on every wave. Here, he stalls to get as deep as possible. Check out the frontside drop knee stance! By the way man I got a nice sequence of you from the water, shoot us your e-mail if you're interested.

This shot was taken pretty early this morning. It got bigger and better when the tide switched with the wind blowing offshore alllll day. What more could you want on a surf trip than offshore barrels the entire day? Nicaragua is where it's at!

Clean head high to overhead waves. Lefts and rights. Everyone was having a blast out in the water today. There were tons of waves to be had. Here is another unknown, cruising down a nicely groomed left.

We'll end today's surf report with one last barrel. How fun does this look? Be sure and check back tomorrow for more Nicaraguan perfection! Adios amigos