Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, July 30, 2006

Still at Pascuales...it's one day later and the waves are still pumping down here. This is the first thing we have been seeing every morning for the last couple of days. Check out the contrast with the beach umbrellas - the unmistakable trademark of this spot for years. Nothing like a nice day at the beach with the family at Pascuales!

Hot Carl, woke up a man possessed this morning, proclaiming 'I will not return before being spit out of a stand up barrel'. He skipped his Lucky Charm's breakfast and paddled right out into the thick of things and that was the last we saw of him...

...until the very first wave dealt him a fatal blow - to the surfboard that is, and the magic 6'9'' at that. All said and done with, one broken board after 4 overhead days at Pascuales isn't too bad and HC can hold his head high knowing that he was charging the place.

The show must go on and today our last day here. A couple of OB guys, sad to leave the thumping beach break but ready to see what else Mexico has to offer...

Hey all is annie with the surf report for today. We were here at this insane secret spot we found via panga with the FT. Laudie Daudie crew. The surf was a bit overhead with the winds blowing offshore.

Tsunami Neiman's had his custom molded Ferragamo booties on.

"Closet Ripper" Bobby was breaking it down.

Rebecca was taking off under the lip.

...and flirting on the inside. Here's the annie surf lesson for the day--flirting in the water is great, and even recommended. But please Rebecca, make sure a set wave is not about to break your heads PRIOR to engaging in conversation. Unless of course your goal is to get all tangled up...

Since I wasn't busy flirting on the inside, I was able to pick off this little bowly reform on my paddle back out.

And then, the Man Hunter himself, ruler of crew, owner of all the men, I mean ladies, was giving us the scenic shot. This is how he will seduce the men, I mean women, back to his pad. For real though, you should have seen the barrel he got yesterday...Rich you are awesome. The whole crew is, we had a blast. They even said they'd bring me chocolate next time they come. Now that is how you get on my good side...

Alright, so what is it that turns you on? Humping turtles does it for me!