Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 29, 2010

The surf was firing today and everybody was so happy about that.  It was head high to over head on sets with nice offshore winds all day long (Typical Nicaragua).  A decent crowd showed out to the beach but it was good because everybody shared the waves out there in the lineup, plus there were plenty of waves to be taken.  Check it out!!!

The surf was pretty fun today and as you can see there were many sick waves rolling in.  This is Dwite from Malibu, dedicating this one to all his friends back in the states.

There were lefts and rights all over the place.  Even the kids were able to catch a couple sweet ones, but we have to say that this little kid was charging.

First thing in the moring the tide was kinda high so the waves were not barreling but when the tide started to drop the fest barrel began.  Here is the Springer finding a nice section down the beach.

There was people from all over the world in the water today.  This is Chris from San Diego looking down the line of this sweet left hander.

Did we say lefts and rights?  Check this pic out and make your own call!

Pancho Sanchez was able to paddle out today and tried to catch a couple of the best ones so bad.  Here he is dropping late on this sick left.

That was too late buddy, but it is good that you charge it.  Let's see next shot!

Ouchhh,  that's what happen when the tide drops and the waves are pumping.  But do not worry my friend, you were not the only surfer with a broken board today.  We had 4 broken boards including one big panga.

There waves so fun that Pancho Sanchez when to get another board right away.  It is always nice to have a backup board, uh!  Working for the backside barrel!

Gorgeous George heard that the waves were pretty good at this spot so he came out to check it out.  He paddle out instantly he saw this sick left pelling one after the other one.  We heard he loves FRITANGA and we can say he was slicing waves like plantains today.

God, there were so many good waves today that every waves looks the same.  Here I caught this unknown rider getting shack on this right. 

The lineup was pretty busy today but there were still many sick waves rolling in with no takers.  Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

There was  a lot of action out there today.  Check out this boy about to get covered on this small but sweet looking wave.

Everybody wanted to get shacked today, but Johnny wasn't worried about that.  He just wanted to have fun and shred a couple walls up.  Nice backside turn dude!

A few local surfers jumped out in the water and were doing the best to have their own show.  How about this one pickng up one of the many clean rights we had.

We have so many killer pics today, that it is really hard to post them all on.  If you happen to be surfing out here today let us know because we might have the pic of your trip.  Pumping the breaks and getting some shade.  We have a nice 10 sequence shots of this barrel pal, if you want to check it shout us an email.

Today was a really good time to do water shots but I was kinda busy from the beach.  Check out this cool closed-up i did on this one!

Remember, this is all you can get if you come down to surf Nicaragua.  If you are thinking about it, we have the best places to stay in the best surf spots in the whole country.

Always nice to post a sick aerial shot.  It is also a sweet angle!

It doesn't matter how hard is to paddle out, when you would have the best reward ever.  The waves should be fun tomorrow as well so make sure to check us back out.

What's up everyone. This is Eric postin' some extra coverage from the water. If I told you I got a shot of you or saw the camera pointed at you but it's not posted then send us an e-mail cuz we've got a bunch more photos.

This shot was from a little far out, but check out this left just reeling down the sandbar!

This is Paulo from the 305 droppin' in on his boy. Yo Paulo, you know I had to call you out on this one!

Look at this wave opening up behind this guy. Nice backside style on that bottom turn!

This is Jack from Vero Beach, Florida... Lookin' super relaxed on wave that's well over his head. Little man was killing it! By the way jack I got a good sequence of this wave, e-mail in if you want to see the rest dude!

You can see how good the conditions were this day. Light offshores making for some sick barrels. You know this guy's about to pull in to the shade.

I almost got hit when this dude was coming out of the barrel on this wave. The next couple of shots look alright but from this one you can tell what's going to happen.

I saw jack's older sister drop in on this guy a couple times but he would just hoot her on. Here he is finally gettin' one to himself.

Finally got a shot of a good righthand barrel. Unknown rider locked in on a sick one!

Super fun and super clean waves. Just another day in Nicaragua!  This is Eric and I'm out!