Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 29, 2006

Back in Mexico, Pascuales to be exact, the waves are still FIRING. Surfline is calling a 4 - 5 foot swell today and there are some double overhead bombs coming in. Check out the view from our front porch first thing in the morning.

What is the best way to wake yourself up in the morning at Pascuales? This is Adam from Eureka, taking on the inside thumper at 7am -Better than two cups of coffee.

We didn't snap many shots because we were running out the door to get some of these ourselves. Rest assured, Pascuales delivered and we decided to stay one more day.

Hi, this is Roberto with the surf report for today. It's overhead on sets out here at Maderas and the wind is offshore but It's cloudy. Check out the line up. Juanito at machete pt.

This is a guy from Florida his name is Brad, he's a good surfo.

Victor Jugo de Naranja wasn't lucky today. He hit his chin with his surfboadr and this is what he get. I'm sure that hurt.

Roque was out too.

Tito Chamorro, he's getting better little by little.

Are you waiting for this shot?

I don't remenber this guys name but I know he's from Fl too.

Check back tomorrow.