Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, July 28, 2006

Oh yeah! Me and the Hot Carl woke up to this first thing in the morning. Pascuales delivers! It's well overhead, piping and about as fun as you can get at a beachbreak.

We secured a quaint little spot on the beach for the bargain price of $35/night. It doesn't smell too great, but hey, we're here to surf.

Some people wonder why Pascuales doesn't attract a crowd - well, here is one reason. The onsite local board repair guy is known around Mexico as one of the best - his speciality, snapped boards. Why is he the best? He fixes between 20 and 30 snapped boards a month! I saw 3 broken ones today.

We actually got a double sesh in today - once again, the Mexi wind gods were smiling. This is a shot of local charger

Back in Nicaragua, we have plenty offshore wind all day long and It's overhead on sets out here at Maderas. Check it out.

Here is Coki as always getting barreled.

We have a good day today or no!

Here is Kervin at Machete pt with a nice cutback.

Pancho was charging on the set waves.

Today we have an unusual shot, Byron EL ABUELO from Arena Caliente Surf Shop.

Check out the right at machete pt, peeling.

Check back tomorrow.

This is Roberto with the surf report and spanish class for today. We've got good swell today, so I took some cool shots. It's overhead on sets and the wind is offshore. All the local crew was out, here is Roque.

There are to many good surfos in the water today, I don't know who they are, but anyway they made it on NSR.

This is Augusto, check out Machete pt in the background.


La Baloy was on fire today. Nice spray man.

Oliver getting back to the action with a super nice floater.

TODAY SPANISH CLASS: Otra bonita foto. Another cool shot.

One more time LA BALOY getting a nice air. Check back tomorrow.