Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, July 27, 2014

Good afternoon. This is your Sunday report. The swell brings really good sets. The low tide coming up was the best moment to surf. See all the action.

The right had better shape and more consistent, check this one. Was perfect.

This was the best left in the morning. Tony Z have the other angle of this photo.

Don't snake people, Karma will come.

I do not blame you. Who would not want this wave.

This happened to our friend. Check this sequence.

Look at the reaction of the affected surfer. A little sad.

The wave had good shape.

And after here we don't see him again.

After a good distance, the wave still breaking perfect and our friend doesn't come out. Please, respect the wave of others. Keep coordination good in the water.

This is one of the best wave today. Check the sequence.

Good bottom turn, See how the wind shaping this wave.

The guy did a good read of the wave, to have a good position and enter the tube.

Possible was the best wave of his trip to Nicaragua.

He gets covered by the curtain.

A little deep. The door was completely open.

Huuu huuu also I want a wave like that one !!

Congratulation. Bro.

There were times to make cuts. This was one of the best.

The water was warm and clear. See how beautiful it was.

This man is stuck in the wave like a cat on the wall.

This guy hit the wave in the most critical part. Was the best trick today.

This was the bigger set of today.

 How big do you think it was?

I say 8 - 10 feet.

For sure 8 feet.

Ok. Friends. This was something of the good that usually the month of July is. Armando Lopez says goodbye.