Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hi and welcome to your daily surf report.  The waves definitely picked up some size today and everyone loved it.  Head high waves on the bigger sets, nice offshore winds and great water.  Check it out!!!!

Some beautiful corners rolled in as you can see.  Yewwww,,, finally some waves!

Carlitos Calientes paddled out super early and he did score some nice ones. Backhand ride!

El Chompipito Dawson did make it out early as well.  Dropping into a sweet left hander.

Lots of nice little ramps to shred out there.  Here is caught this unknown ripper with a cool sequence. 

Shot 2, chuakalacataka, man fan spray!

Shot 3, about to lose it!

Recovering a killer laidback!

That was a beautiful turn.  Wasn't it?

Did we mention something about sick little ramps to shred?  Here is caught this  Rip Curl rider with a sweet backside maneuver.

It was hard to make it out of a barrel out there but it was fun to pull in and travel.  Mr Roura enjoying the view on this one.

Sick right handers to pull in as well.  Charging!!!

Shot 2, getting deep!

Nice 3, nice one brahhhh!!!

Sick little insiders to score as well.  This little kid was taking plenty of nice ones by himself!

Somebody going left and nobody going right.  Would you like to go right?

Lots of beautiful chicks have been coming down  lately.  They all have been enjoying of our beautiful weather.  That's all for today amigos, please check back tomorrow!