Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, July 26, 2010

Sometimes, I would like just to say sweet because the pic talk itself.  Anyway, today I drove a little bit hoping to shot some fun stuff up there and I did.  The waves were firing first thing in the morning and we were there to prove it.  It was a little overhead on sets with nice offshore winds.  Check it out!!!

Today I got hired by a few guys from Fl.  Actually they hired me last year as well and they were pretty stoked with all the cool photos I got of them.  To start with the crew we have Ricky "Barba Larga" looking for glory on this nice left hander.

On the second shot we have Sam "Barba Roja" with a sick snap on this right.  He is a new part of the crew this year and we have to say that he loves TONA!

Brett "The Big Diesel" was having a good time out there.  Even if the waves were not big enough for him because he is 6'6" tall.  Here he is about to destroy the lip of this poor left.

This is Patrick "El Periquito" working on his backside style with a cool bottom turn on this nice sized wave.  He was catching plenty of good waves all day long.

Here I caught Sam "El Gran Buda" going big with a nice off the top.  It's also the first time he comes down and he was killing the coconuts all day long.

Keith was out only for a couple hours because he was still pretty tired from the fly.  Here he is about to throw the lip off the back on this small but sweet looking left.

Sometimes when you are in Nicaragua the adrenaline comes up to you, just to be watching so many sick waves coming in, that you get to do some crazy things.  This is Ricky with his frontside air shot of the day from the roof of his house.  I wouldn't call this one clean and safe!!!  It was nice to seeing you guys again, hope we can meet next year.

We had a few other guys scoring many sick waves as well.  Here is caught this Careca working on one of the many sick rights we had rolling in.  Where you at Panchito?

Carlitos Caliente was also part of the show this morning.  Check him out about to get deep into this section!

Lets take to the barrel of the day now, I mean the funniest barrel of the day.  Shot 1, looking down the line!

Shot 2, Jhonny seeting up!

Shot 3, about to get drained!

Shot 4, behind the curtain!

Shot 5, still going!

Shot 6, is he still there?

Shot 7, are you kidding me?

Shot 8, there he is coming out on his belly.  You know what, it doesn't matter how you make it out, the point is to make it out!  Good job buddy!

Shot 9, the claiming was included!

This dude was charging out there on his giant super panga.  It is not easy to paddle out on that thing on days like today.

Unknown rider on the last shot of the day, digging a deep bottom turn on a sweet set.  Hope to score some good waves tomorrow as well so stay tuned with us!